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Canadian Educational Subscriptions (CES) prides itself on its straightforward and open approach to subscription pricing. Itís our goal to take the mystery out of subscription costs and to make our pricing practices as transparent as possible. 

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Review over 1600 popular school and public library titles and their associated prices (including any applicable tax) from the Canadian Educational Subscriptions (CES) catalogue. 

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Build a personalized (no obligation) quote for your library and see exactly how CES can save you money. 

To access CESí Online Quote System you need to open a free account and create a username and password. It only takes a few moments and helps us serve you better. 

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Our Focus
We serve only Canadian Educational Institutions and Libraries

Major Titles
We carry all common titles available in Canada at educational discounts

Hard to Find Titles
We offer a service that will research and order all the magazines and journals that are harder to find