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About Canadian Educational Subscriptions (CES)

Canadian Education Subscriptions (CES) has been providing subscription management services to Canadian teachers and school libraries since 1980. We have expanded our operations and are developing a full range of services to meet the specialized needs of schools and public libraries. 

CES is a Canadian agency operating from Montréal. Our service staff have years of experience assisting the public and school library market and we are committed to providing the highest standards of personalized service. 

The Same...

Like the largest subscription agencies, CES handles all the details associated with managing and processing your serials. You can rely on our professional, trained staff to place your orders accurately and quickly and to resolve claims in a timely manner. Our services make your job easier so you can concentrate on your real work – helping your patrons and users. 

But Better...

Unlike the largest subscription agencies CES offers special discounts and rates to many high demand publications. As well, you may expect to see, depending on the size and complexity of your account, additional discounts....yes we said discounts, of up to 10% in place of the regular agency practice of additional handling charges. Normally you will not see any handling charges added to the cost of the subscriptions in your account. In fact - let us run you a quote – the bottom line of that quote is the maximum price you would pay for CES’ services. Or better yet, run your own personalized quote through our online quote service and see for yourself how much your institution can save with CES.

Our goal is to offer you a simple, fair and transparent pricing structure. If you order a popular subscription that earns us a reasonable discount, we will bill you at the regular subscription rate or educational rate, depending on your eligibility. If the publication is a lower circulation specialized publication which does not provide a subscription agency discount, we will add a flat $10 service fee to the price. 

How do we do this?

CES accomplishes this in two ways. First, we develop and maintain close relationships with the publishers who provide the serials most sought by public and school libraries, these relationships yield us discounts that are second to none. CES passes these savings on to you. Second, we maintain a streamlined operation with most of our resources focused on catalogue development and customer focused services for our specialized public library and school market.

CES is THE alternative to the high priced international serials agents. Your institution deserves to have a choice and we are confident that you’ll quickly discover what many other Canadian libraries have discovered … Canadian Education Subscriptions is the serials industry’s best kept secret. 

We look forward to working with you in the near future. 


Our Focus
We serve only Canadian Educational Institutions and Libraries

Major Titles
We carry all common titles available in Canada at educational discounts

Hard to Find Titles
We offer a service that will research and order all the magazines and journals that are harder to find